This is a collection of the most practical and useful oils, plus a sample of Thieves cleaning solution, a sample of Ningxia Wolfberry supplement, a gorgeous diffuser of your choice, and a Young Living membership, which means that you get 24% off of the retail price of their beautiful products, and get to be a part of this stellar team to cheer you on in your journey and tell you allll the things about oily living.

The Starter Kit is $160 – these products would be over $300 individually; Young Living is so kind to give their customers such an amazing start to their journey. 

I use every single one of these oils every day! IN LOVE.



Lavender So lovely for relaxation, mood support, tension relief, emotional balance - my gateway oil. When I smelled this oil, it brought me back to the lavender fields in Aix-en-Provence and I felt the pure strength of Young Living!

Peppermint Tension relief, emotional support, mental focus, energy support, clears respiratory tract, digestion support.

Lemon Purifying, cleansing for your body, metabolism booster, energy support, improves digestion, nourishes skin, improves focus.

Copaiba Anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure, improves mood, relieves congestion.

Frankincense Tension relief, immune support, emotional support, antiseptic, antibacterial agent, skin support, balance hormones, ease digestion, sleep aid, relieves inflammation. The oil of kings!

Thieves Antibacterial, antiseptic agent, ideal for cleaning, great for your immune system!

Citrus Fresh Energizes, focuses the mind, balancing, improves skin tone

Raven Respiratory support, comforts throat and chest

Digize Combats nausea and digestion/tummy issues

Panaway Relieves tired muscles. Say it out loud!

Stress Away Lime + Vanilla. Exactly like it sounds. Just lovely.