A Little About My Story

For a long time, I was caught in a story that was really awful. A story twisted by trauma, monster hormones, and all sorts of nasty chronic evils that resulted from the things I had gone through.


I’m a chronic spoonie! The stigma and ignorance about my conditions in everyday life are real and no fun at all - so imagine what the stigma and ignorance inside of a doctor’s office is like! and those are the diagnosed problems.

I found myself caught in a spiral of trauma, tension, and injury that seemed to be getting worse. The exhaustion and discomfort, were just - all too literally! - killing me. Last winter, my husband and I were at the end of the trail of hopeful solutions. I tried so many avenues - with no good results. Gordon and I were terrified at my progression downhill: I was about to turn 31, and our toddler was two. At the rate I was going downhill, what would happen next?

My first break-through was to find out that trauma is the root of chronic illness. When you go through a trauma - a circumstance that is out of your control and that you do not feel adequately equipped to deal with -  even your cells suffer. They are damaged beyond your ability to heal, and cause destruction in your body that results in various kinds of chronic illness. I've been swimming through deep trauma for years, so it is natural that my body is suffering from the effects. That explained my predicament and how I was caught in this vicious cycle, but it didn't solve the problem. How do I help heal my damaged cells?

That was when Young Living essential oils came into my life.



My STORY changed.

I had dabbled in other brands of oils here and there, but didn’t feel a need to continue them, let alone talk about them. But these oils are different - these oils are POWERFUL.

Young Living has a Seed to Seal Guarantee that the oils NEVER touch harmful chemicals. You know I’m crazy about creative process, right? Young Living’s creative process is amazing. They source fields all over the world where the soil has NEVER been touched by pesticides. The oils go through about 90 tests to ensure purity and strength.

My body feels this difference!

I ordered the Premium Starter Kit, and started with Stress Away. Within a few days. life was happier. I added Lavender. And Panaway. And Endoflex and En R Gee for my hormones. I noticed that my body felt more balanced, I could rest at night, and I wasn’t craving sleep all day. I poured on the Lavender and noticed my emotions balancing… and then I took off with Joy, White Angelica, and Valor. YAY for uplifting oils and for actually getting rest at night.

I learned that I had joined a gorgeous tribe of people who were traveling the same oily road and wanted to share what they had learned.

And I found that everything I had read about the chemicals in cleaning sprays disrupting your hormones actually was 100% on target! Gordon and I ditched and switched all the toiletries and cleaning supplies that we could, and replaced them with pure Young Living products and oily DIYs. When I used Young Living’s pure, plant-based cleaning solution, I wasn't in agony after cleaning, and hey, I could actually enjoy laundry or dishes again.

I could enjoy adventures with Gordon and Jack. I have my life back - and I never want to take that for granted!

I have such a passion for people caught in this vicious cycle of trauma and chronic illness - #spoonies! - as well as for anyone needing a lift for their health and emotions. I have a passion to rid homes of the harmful chemicals.


I’ve seen what they have done to my body, and what they do to others - I want to help you break the hold that they have on your life. Let’s make bleach a bad word! I want to invite you to be a part of this beautiful tribe, and to share this journey with me. It is NEVER too late to support your health and emotions. It is NEVER too late to rewrite your story.