I realized that I had to make a change with the way we ran our household. Whatever you put in or on your body reaches your blood supply – and the most important systems of your body! – within 26 seconds. Researchers say that what you put on your skin effects your more than what you put inside your mouth. Yikes!

Cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dish soap, toiletries, perfumes, make up, candles and air fresheners are in the 10 most common household poisons. Most people come in contact with over 300 dangerous chemicals per day, and most women use 80 chemicals before breakfast! If it has the word “fragrance,” it probably means that it is going to hurt your body.

Most chemicals are toxic substances that destroy your immune system and disrupt your endocrine system. Like tension, this sometimes results in heart disease or cancer, but more often comes into your life in the form of stress, insomnia, chronic pain, lethargy, obesity, migraines, and emotional instability.

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I used to be a Bath & Bodyworks junkie! I had read about the damaging impact of toxins. I believed it. At the same time, I was in such a knot of tension that I couldn’t begin the process to NOT use the same old products I had been buying for years. What would I do instead?


When I feel the impact that these damaging chemicals have had on my health and see the same symptoms in people around me, I want a different future for Jack and for his generation.

Oils are my ticket to freedom! this is not only the way that we protect our immune systems and support the systems in our bodies - it is what we use in place of the toxins that I used to surround myself with. They are a gift for our health and emotions - as well as our cleaning cabinet!