Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds that are derived directly from plants and carry the healing and therapeutic powers of plants. They are the essences of plants derived from the seeds, roots, stems, flowers, and bark, through the process of distilling.

They are comprised of tiny molecules that your body absorbs through the skin or nose. They reach your bloodstream within 26 seconds (!) and travel up to your pituitary gland and then into all the systems of your body to interact in marvelous ways.

When I first looked into this, I was shocked to find that substances that touch your skin enter your bloodstream faster than if they enter your mouth. I’ve always thought that it’s okay if you touch things as long as you don’t eat them - and comforted myself with that thought for my toddler! (Gag.) Not so.

If an essential oil makes contact with a harmful chemical at any point in the life of the plant, or oil, the integrity is compromised. Your body will feel this in harmful ways, and all the damaging power of the chemicals will be transferred into your blood and the systems of your body.

Almost every brand of oils - yes, all the mainstream ones! - adds additives and fillers. Of course, this isn’t going to be healing for your body – it will only be another harmful hormonal nightmare, and these oils will do more harm than good. I tried them over the years, and never felt compelled to share about them… until… I used Young Living oils.

Young Living is the ONLY brand of essential oils that has a guarantee that their oils are never touched by harmful chemicals. They source fields all over the world that are untouched by pesticides to grow their plants!


The process of creating a perfect and pure product is a long and costly journey. Jasmine has to be picked at a certain time of day; a sandalwood tree has to be grown for 30+ years before it is at its peak; a 5 ml bottle of rose oil takes 22 lbs of rose petals to produce! Young Living has 30+ years of research and a team of chemists and farmers who are constantly working to ensure that the product that reaches you is completely pure. A single bottle of oil has to pass 90 tests before it is considered perfect!

This is why we trust these oils for our family. Your body will FEEL the vibrant strength of this life-giving difference.